Why am I not getting any offers?

If you are having trouble receiving offers, please consider these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check your device's settings and make sure you have location set to ALWAYS.
  2. Check the App Store and make sure you are using the LATEST APP RELEASE.
  3. Check your device's settings and make sure you have Notifications set to ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS and that SOUNDS and BADGES are selected as well.
  4. Log out and log back in every couple of hours if you are not seeing any offers or notifications.
  5. Check your OFFER LIMITS and make sure your hourly rate setting is not too high. The lower this rate, the more offers you will see. We recommend a setting of $15.50 per hour and a radius of at least 5 miles for best results. Also, keep in mind, we will send you offers that are 33.33% of your hourly rate. See OFFER LIMITS for more details on this.
  6. Keep the Partner app running in the foreground whenever possible. If the app is in the background you will not hear the notification sounds. If the app is running in the background, you will receive a push notification that looks like the image below. Tap on it and it will bring your app to the foreground so you can accept the offer. 
  7. If your Partner app is OFF-LINE meaning you did not press the GO button, you will get a push notification and text message like this when folks in your area are looking for offers but there were no available Courials to accept the offers. If you get this message, go online immediately, wait about five minutes and you should start to see some offers.
  8. Make sure you are in one of our current markets. The Courial app works everywhere in the US and Canada, but we do not have a large concentration of users and Courial Partners everywhere as yet.
  9. If you are still having trouble, please contact us at support@courial.com or call (415) 275-4707 and we will do our best to help get you started.

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