How do I Set Offer Limits?

Offer limits can be set during the sign up process or anytime after by selecting the OFFER LIMITS tab in SETTINGS.

It is important to note that when setting an HOURLY RATE (1), you are setting the minimum hourly rate you will accept assuming you earned the equivalent amount in one hour. We found that the average offer takes about 20 mins to complete (from time of acceptance until completion), therefore agreeing to an hourly rate of $30.00 is equivalent to agreeing to accept offers of at least $10.00 each. So the PER OFFER RATE (1), the value with (*) is 33.33% of the hourly rate. We will only show you offers equal to or greater than this rate.

You can choose limits from $00.00 to $30.00 per hour or 1.00 to 60.00 miles (2). Note that when you choose $00.00 as your minimum hourly rate, we will send you everything. This setting also qualifies you to work as a Volunteer Courial (3). Volunteer Courials (VC) deliver to seniors over 75 years of age and local shelters free of charge.

Also, keep in mind if your minimum hourly rate is set above $16.00 ($5.33 per offer), in most cases (4) you will see few offers as most offers fall within that range.

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