How do I access my Profile and Settings?

You can access the PROFILE and SETTINGS sections by tapping the PROFILE PICTURE on the HOME SCREEN. You can access SETTINGS directly by tapping the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the home screen.

From the PROFILE SCREEN you can:

  • Stop Offers (1).
  • Change your phone number (2). 
  • To change your profile picture (3); tap on profile picture, then tap on (4) TAKE A PHOTO or CHOOSE FROM GALLERY. You will need to either upload a real photo of your face (without hat or eye classes) or you'll receive an error.
  • To change your email address or name, please contact support.
  • Open REFERRAL PAGE and send invites to friends.
  • View Earnings Report and quickly see current total.
  • Change NAVIGATION options between Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze depending on what you have installed on your device.
  • View your PERFORMANCE stats.
  • View your SETTINGS. You can update Transportation Mode, Service Region, Offer Limits, Courial Buddy info, Special Services info, turn Courial sounds on or off, card activation status and your Social Media handles.
  • Open our HELP page with FAQs.
  • Check on your Referral Bonuses and Status.
  • Easily switch to the USER APP.
  • SIGN OUT of the app.

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