What are the benefits of being a Courial?

Created by on-demand gig workers for on-demand gig workers and busy folks everywhere, Courial is a technology company that connects Courials (our couriers) with folks and businesses that need stuff delivered, no matter what it is.As the only courier app for everything, we put our users in control of what they order. Our Courials are true partners, so they earn more and have an overall better experience which translates into five-star service for our customers.
If you are a current or former on-demand gig worker tired of delivering just food, being a Courial will add some excitement to your workday while making even more money delivering everything? 
Maybe you are a personal assistant, a barber, a handy person, a manicurist, a notary, a locksmith, a photographer, or just someone recently unemployed or underemployed. Not only do you get to be your own boss and set your own schedule, our Courials are true partners in our business.
  • Keeping up to 80% of delivery fees and 100% of tips
  • Getting paid extra for wait time and heavy items
  • Instant cash outs available
  • Earn even more offering Special Services (see below)
  • No gamification algorithms
  • Having a car or truck is nice, but not necessary. You can still earn by walking, biking or scooting
  • Way more fun delivering anything from documents to furniture, dry cleaning to electronics
  • 60 seconds to accept offers
  • Language matching (matching Courials with users of same preferred language)
  • Seeing everything about an offer that we know
  • Setting your acceptable hourly rate and service area
  • Partner discounts on deliveries when you use Courial
Sometimes our users need more than a simple pickup and delivery, so we created our Special Services feature for gigs that can usually be completed in under 60 minutes.
Our customers search for and directly place orders with local merchants with the help of the Courial user app. Customers then book a Courial. Our Partner app offers the gig to the nearest available Courials (our Couriers), who earn money picking up and delivering items or providing a series of Special Service skills.

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