Instant Pay and Cash Out


Courials are paid weekly for offers completed between Monday and Sunday of the previous week ending Sunday at 11:59 PM California time via our payroll partner Gigwage.

On Tuesday mornings, payments are transferred directly to your bank through direct deposit and usually take 2 - 3 days to show up in your account.

Payments will hit your account by Friday, but as earlier as Thursday depending on your bank. If there’s a Monday holiday, this will delay payments an additional day.


Cashing Out gives Courials the ability to have their current payout balance sent directly to their bank account or debit card INSTANTLY! You will need to set up your bank account with Gigwage via the partner app.Cash Out is only available from  Monday at 5:00 PM thru Sunday at 11:59 PM California time.

At this time, you can only cash out:

  • if you have a payout balance of $10 or more
  • you cash out a maximum of $200 at a time
  • and limit of no more than $300 per day.


The total amount of time you spent on-line waiting, accepting and completing jobs on the Courial platform during a given time period.

COURIAL TIME  This is the total amount of time you spend actually picking up and delivering stuff. It begins the moment you accept an offer and ends when you take the completion photo and mark the offer as complete.


Your weekly earnings balance is the amount of money you earned from completing offers to date, including any tips.


Your payout balance is the amount of money you currently have available for transfer to your bank account each week. This amount may differ from your weekly earnings if you have requested a CashOut Now event during the week, you have reimbursements, other deductions, or you have tips that posted late to your account.


In the event you notice a negative payout balance, the usually means you were overpaid. Look for an adjustment on your next week’s payouts.

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