How do I accept Two-Courial offers?

If you listed your transportation mode as PICK UP, VAN or TRUCK, you will be available to accept TWO COURIAL OFFERS (1).

These are offers where the user has indicated that the item is too big or heavy for only one person to complete the job. When you signed up you were given the opportunity to opt into this service. If you did, you should have chosen a COURIAL BUDDY. 

Your buddy is the Courial Partner that does not have the truck or van (3) but has agreed to meet you at the pick up location and help with the order. If you did not choose a buddy, the app will find one for you from available Courials in your area once you accept the offer. On TWO COURIAL OFFERS the Courial Partner with the truck is considered the TEAM CAPTAIN and will receive all notifications about the offer. The Team Captain will also keep 60% of the delivery fee, but you split any tips 50/50. You will also receive the same rating and comments posted by the user about the job.

The Team Captain and the Courial Buddy can easily contact each other from the app by Tapping on their respective pictures in the OFFER DETAILS screen (4).

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