What is a Courial Buddy?

A Courial Buddy is another Courial that has agreed to partner with you when either of you receives an offer that requires two Courials. You can preselect a Courial Buddy when you sign up, or you can add or / change your Courial Buddy in "Settings." 
When you accept an offer that requires two Courials, your preselected Courial Buddy will be given the first opportunity to partner with you. 
If your Courial Buddy does not accept the offer within 60 seconds, the offer will go to the closest available Courial in your area. The Courial providing the large vehicle to accommodate the oversized delivery item will be made the Team Leader. 
Both Courials will split the delivery fee, but the Team Leader will receive 60% of the fee. Any tips you receive will be split 50 / 50. You will also share the final rating left by the Customer after the Job.

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